Pyronauts!“One of the best bands in the nation!” – David Arnson, Insect Surfers

“Often sparkling, with sophisticated writing and excellent drums.” -Phil Dirt, Reverb Central


The Pyronauts are the hardest-working and tightest-sounding surf rock band on the planet! In their 15 years as a band, they’ve opened for Dick Dale more than 20 times and played up and down California, including shows at the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, the California Academy of Sciences Museum, McNear’s Mystic Theatre and hundreds of parties and festivals.


The Pyronauts’ music is invigorating and fun. Listen to it while working out to help you get pumped up, while driving to cruise in style, at a party to get the ladies dancing or when you’re feeling down to get a laugh! Surf music is a kick in the pants, and The Pyronauts do not disappoint. Music in general has a healing quality, but The Pyronauts’ brand of surf music will transport you to the beach with your toes in the sand and a tropical drink in your hand! Their playful sounds evoke images of surfing, warm island sun, and a calm breeze.  It’s music that’s guaranteed to make you smile.


The Pyronauts are masters at engaging the audience and getting people dancing! The band is adaptable to any situation and can adjust volume and energy level accordingly. Whether you are looking for groovy background tunes, in-your-face rock or something in between, The Pyronauts are your band! Bottom line: The Pyronauts absolutely love to play and that fun shines through in every performance.