What Is Sprinkler Agreement

Details of the agreement have been published via the website. The agreement, signed on 2 April, expires on 24 September. According to the agreement, data can be collected from March 25 to September 24. Previously, a letter from Sprinkler to the IT secretary also mentioned data protection. The Kerala government has terminated the agreement with US technology company Sprinklr to collect and manage the health data of Covid-19 patients and patients quarantined in the state. He adds that the data will be transferred as soon as the contract expires or is terminated. Concerns have been raised that entrusting health data to a US company threatens the privacy of Covid-19 patients and people in quarantine. Opposition parties demanded the cancellation of the agreement. Days after the Kerala government was asked about its association with US company Sprinklr to share data from people being monitored for COVID-19, the state government released documents related to the contract. Eight documents uploaded to the state government`s website include the order form, service agreement, Sprinklr`s privacy policy, non-disclosure agreement, and two confirmation letters written on April 11 and 12. Thiruvananthapuram: Stung by the assault of the congressional opposition on the transfer of data of COVID-19 suspects to the US public relations and marketing company Sprinklr, the Kerala government released the document of the agreement on Wednesday. The agreement states that the final decision on the data belongs to the citizen and will not be abused. The secretary of the state Department of Information Technology and head of special functions to Chief Minister Sivasankaran had signed an agreement with the New Jersey sprinkler.

The pact had been sung without the permission of the legal and financial services. The order, published Wednesday, says the agreement will be in effect from March 25 to Sept. 24 or at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, whichever comes first. However, the two affirmation letters written on April 11 and 12 show strong differences and changes in tone when it comes to the date. A relevant part of the agreement with Sprinklr deals with data protection. The data was collected at the base using a mobile medical application developed by Sprinklr. .

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