Iir Agreement

All payments or other transfers of value to physicians and/or teaching hospitals located outside the United States in connection with a research activity subject to a written agreement, research protocol, or both must be reported in accordance with relevant national and local regulations. This Agreement governs work performed as part of a collaborative research project in the form of a project plan (as defined below) which may include preclinical or non-interventional clinical work or a clinical trial (as defined below) governed by an IIR Agreement (as defined below). If Bayer is unable, despite such economically viable efforts, to obtain at least non-exclusive licensing rights in respect of know-how rights and patents, Bayer is not precluded from entering into such an agreement. ResMed accepts IIR proposals from qualified reviewers. The review of IIR proposals takes place quarterly at ResMed. The deadlines for all iiR proposal submissions are January 20, April 25, July 13 and October 18 of each year. The ResMed Clinical Review Board leads the review process and decisions are based on medical and scientific merits, ResMed research priorities, and available resources. The Clinical Review Board will send a decision letter to each reviewer within 2-4 weeks of each filing period. While all applications are verified, ResMed does not commit to accepting an application. Sign up below for an IIR account to submit a proposal. For more information, please contact iir@resmed.com All applications for funding will be reviewed to ensure they do not exceed the local market value.

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