Consumer Rights Act Hire Purchase Agreements

Some contracts may involve a merchant providing you with goods, digital content and/or a service. These are called “mixed contracts,” and examples include taking your car for a new parts assembly service or organizing that a dealer provides and installs antivirus software on your laptop. The guides “Provision of services: your consumer rights” and “Provision of digital content: your consumer rights” contain more information on the rights and remedies available to you for the other parties to a mixed contract. A property lease is also known as a consumer lease and is governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Consumer Law Act is relevant for complaints about the quality of goods or services (including digital content) provided by a business to a consumer. It implies certain contractual rights in consumer contracts, even if the supplier`s papers do not contain them (or expressly try to exclude them). Where a consumer has been misled or pressured to accept credit when he is not obliged to do so, he may nevertheless require the merchant to replace him with cash or with the original method of payment. On the other hand, if the consumer does not have a right of refund or if he makes an informed decision not to exercise this right, he can offer credit. The entrepreneur may set an expiry date when informing the consumer of this period at the time of delivery. The summary is attached below in both PDF and Word format, the latter being easier to allow you to create your own version: Consumer Rights Summary: Goods (PDF) Consumer Rights Summary: Goods (Word) Some goods may be delivered with pre-installed digital content.

In this case, if there is a digital content problem, the goods themselves are not “in conformity with the contract” and you have the remedies available to you, as indicated in the section “What if my legal rights are not fulfilled?” . . .

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