An Official Agreement Among Two Or More Parties

General agreement that something may be true, reasonable or not modified An agreement in which two people or groups promise to do something Below, you will find possible answers to the phrase crossword formal agreement between two or more parties. Formally an agreement, often an agreement that people meet in secret A contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more parties that is legally enforceable. It is a legally binding agreement that obliges two or more parties to perform certain tasks. It establishes rights and obligations towards the parties. A contract is a promise or series of commitments between two or more parties that allow the courts to render a judgment. It is a law that deals with the conclusion and application of the treaty. Entering into a contract generally involves an offer, acceptance, consideration, guarantee, capacity, free consent and mutual consent of two or more persons to be bound. Contractual forms may be written, oral and by behaviour. Any agreement must contain the essential elements of a valid contract. The contract includes a valid offer from one party and a valid acceptance of the offer by the other party, as the sole conclusion of this contract. Agreements that contain essential elements of an existing contract are legally enforceable.

In the Muluki Civil Code, 2074, the offer, acceptance, legal relationship, capacity of the parties, free consent, legitimate property, letter and registration, security, possibility of performance and not expressly declared as elements of a valid contract. In the modern era of legal development, contract law is important in all activities of human society. This is an inevitable object of economic or company law. Contract law is considered an important element of economic law, given that the transaction is carried out between two or more parties and the relationship between them is governed and regulated by the contract. . . .

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