Roommate Agreement College Dorm

If you are moving in for the first time with your roommate (either in an apartment or in the residences), you may or may have to enter into a roommate contract or a roommate contract. Although generally not legally binding, roommate agreements are a great way to make sure that you and your college roommate are on the same page on the daily details of life with someone else. And although they seem to be suffering, roommate agreements are a smart idea. At the top of the list of fears of many beginner students when they leave home for the first time, there is life with a roommate. How do you want you to know how to live with a complete stranger? But one of the biggest things that new university students call “blade” is the roommate agreement. It may seem silly to sit down with your new RA and talk about what you want and expect from your new roommate. No one wants to be the “not cool” and talk about it when they go to bed or whether they`re drinking or not, but most of the time it`s helpful to have those conversations. This may sound ridiculous, but think – and talk – about space. Do you want your roommate`s friends to hang on your bed while you`re away? At your desk? Do you like your room? clean? Is it chaotic? How would you feel if your roommate`s clothes started sneaking by your side? What environment do you need to study? You shouldn`t have to run away from your room to get a place to study, but your room shouldn`t be a 24-hour rest sanctuary. Most students think their roommate is in order because they have said nothing else.

Conflicts in this area are usually the result of poor communication of needs. You have a responsibility to be flexible when someone asks for a quiet time to study, as well as the responsibility to be reasonable with your need for rest. PS Only in case you need it, we`ve also compiled a roommate contract that you can use! You can view it and download it here and click on the image below. (Let us know what you think in the comments!) Standard roommate agreement – For off-campus and general roommate agreements, who are responsible for renting and services. BTW: There is a roommate model at the end of this article you can also download and use, only in case you need it! Trying to live with someone you`ve never met before can be scary.

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