A Replication Agreement For This Host Already Exists. It Needs To Be Removed

You have an ipa-replica-manage del for host3, but never for Host2, but you`ve uninstalled on Host2. As far as the remaining IPA server (Host1) knows, Host2 is still there, perhaps only inaccessible. This is why the reinstall attempt fails. In fact, it can, but the path is too unpleasant: I had to (assuming topology of point 3): 4a. Recreate B and C of A 5. Connect each node together – I also created a new B-C, even if it existed, because it told me it couldn`t be removed. He created a fake B-C segment with one direction: left-right (or maybe right-left, I`m not sure). 6. crashed at a time B (it is not certain that it was reintroduced after the re-enactment of B-C, the other segment B-C existed) – ipa-topology-plugin – ipa_topo_util_modify: do not change input (cn-vm-094.abc.idm.lab.eng.brq.redhat.com-to-vm-121.abc.idm.lab.eng.redq.redhat.com,c n-replica,cn-dc`3Dabc `2Cdc`3Didm`2 3Dlab`2Cdc`3Deng`2Cdc`3Dbrq`2 3Dredhat`2Cdc`3Dcom,cn-mapping tree,cn-config): Error 20 ` 7. But after the segments were redesigned and B and A (everything that was done on A) was restarted, the B-C 8 segments could be removed.

After cleaning the old RUVs everything seems in order In the normal scenario, yes, all segments are removed. But in scearios, where you remove a central node from a topology, perhaps even before removing it, the distance applied to a node cannot be replicated to other separate nodes. We can make the maximum effort, not well enough at the moment, but no guarantee that everyone will be cured automatically. I forgot to post this: it seems to work if I use the option –cleanup: I`ll keep looking at whether this can happen if a node is removed, which doesn`t dissociate topology. Isn`t that fixable with: `ipa-replica-manage del –force $HOST 2`? [root@A] ipa-replica-manage del B Pending the removal of replication agreements, for example. B topology is good, but there is always a suspended segment that cannot be removed. I have no idea or advice. Could we put this on the Freeipa user mailing list? This ensures that the topology is fully connected and that, after C removal, the removal of replication segments and corresponding replication chords is automatically processed by the topology plugin. Suppose, in the topology above, the internal C node should be removed. But in 2], this cannot work, there is no way to transmit operations to C until the topology is repaired C has a bad condition, provided that a topology associated with A,B, C and rejects any deletion of segments. I stopped the replicating docker. When I tried to run it again, I received this message: a replication agreement is already available for this host.

It needs to be removed. The command removes the master input for A and this will trigger that the Topoloy plugin removes the segment that connects A, and B the A->B and B->A b) replication chords are not working and the topology is already interrupted. I thought of a situation to force the removal of the segment if a node that was to remove the segment no longer exists.

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