Preparing for Sierra Surf Music Camp!!!

Howdy Buoys and Gulls,

The Pyronauts are hard at work preparing for Sierra Surf Music Camp, a family style music camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains with a focus on surf music!  Be sure to visit the website above to learn more about it.  If you are thinking about attending, trust us and just stop thinking and sign up already!  It will only be one of THE most fun and life changing weekends ever!

For those of you reading this without the time to follow the above link I’ll give you a bit of an overview of the camp:

Thursday: get know folks and jam

Friday: private one on one lessons with top surf musicians, form Surf Band 101 groups (band practice with expert coach)

Saturday: practice and perform with your Surf Band 101 group

Sunday: say goodbye!

Of course each day there is more going on like eating great food, hiking, playing baseball, lectures from surf music historians, songwriting seminars, campfires, concerts by awesome surf bands like The Pyronauts, etc…

So check out Sierra Surf Music Camp and come join fun!

Surf On!

Paul The Pyronaut


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