Wow! A new website!?!?!?!

Welcome to the new! It’s about time we finally got around to this. The server that the old version of the site was parked on crashed recently and so we finally got this new project off the ground! We hope you like it. While it’s a bit more complicated to work out the kinks there are endless possibilities for cool stuff and it looks about a million times better than the old site. Bear with us while we figure out what we’re doing. Please know that we’re open to suggestions.

The Pyronauts recently celebrated our 15th anniversary as a band! That’s a long time (The Beatles were a band for only 10 years). We’ve played over 600 gigs together. That’s over a thousand hours on stage together. That’s a lot more time in the van together. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs the instrumental surf music has kept us moving forward. Surf music is FUN to play you see… so even when are not getting along or getting on each others nerves in the stinky van; we know that while we’re on stage we’ll be having the time of our lives and we’re best buds again! We’ve played some really lame gigs and some really awesome ones too. Check em all out on the History page. Here’s some of our favorite Video memories.